Petrol Put Their Indie-Pop Skills to the Test with ‘George VI (“Little Joey”)’

Not long ago, Philadelphia-based four-piece Petrol unleashed a short and crunchy little tune called ‘Pyle On‘, and I’ve been hooked on the band’s sound ever since! For their brand new single ‘George VI (“Little Joey”)’ however, the act has decided to switch gears and lean into a more dreamy indie-pop style. Yet again, the outcome is superb, and the driving, catchy, and spacey number has instantly wormed its way straight into my heart! Showing off the band’s versatility and adaptability when it comes to their songwriting, the track marks an exciting new sonic adventure for Petrol.

As for the musical inspiration behind the upbeat song, vocalist Sean Brady says that he was listening to Trace Mountain’s album ‘Lost in the Country’. Lyrically, however, the tune takes a somber and introspective turn. “It’s about me being preoccupied with endings…and living through loss,” says Sean. “It’s kind of an indie-pop song for the apocalypse”.

I’ve mentioned previously that Petrol possesses this elusive charm that I find hard to define but, once again, they’ve delivered a track that I think vindicates my assertion. I’m so glad to have discovered these hardworking fellas, and I just hope they have more new tunes up their sleeves!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘George VI (“Little Joey”)’ on Spotify now:


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