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Bret Mosley Drops Heartfelt New Album ‘Through the Fire’

Much like my love for basically everything coming out of Nashville at the moment, there’s something equally special brewing Down Under. Take the brand new album from Americana and Roots singer/songwriter Bret Mosley for example. Now, granted, Mosley was born in Texas and honed his musical chops in New York, but Australia is now home. The musician wrote, arranged, produced, performed, engineered, and mixed the entire record on his own, except for the final tune, so let’s dive into ‘Through the Fire’ shall we?

‘What You Feel’ gets things up and running, and Bret’s soulful and honeyed vocals soon make their introduction. Opting for a measured approach to kick the album off, the song slowly builds itself up, before turning into what I can only describe and liken to early Dave Matthews. Sensational! The beautiful ‘Tell Me’ then follows, before the album’s title track makes its appearance, and you’re now fully immersed in Mosley’s soundscape.

Other tunes that stood out for me on ‘Through the Fire’ include ‘Wayside’, ‘Breakwater’, and ‘The Fire and the Rose’. In truth though, the entire record deserves your attention. Bret has pieced together a masterpiece, and I can’t wait to hear from him again!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Through the Fire’ on Spotify now:


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