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Discover Athena Joy’s New Dark-Pop Single ‘Blame it on the Brain.’

Underscoring my point that there’s something special brewing Down Under, ‘Blame it on the Brain.’ is the spellbinding new tune from Gold Coast-based artist Athena Joy. A raw and honest dark-pop gem, Athena finds inspiration in the chronic pain that she experienced. “The song honestly was written just to vent,” she admits. “I never really intended for anyone else to hear it”. Thankfully, the musician came to her senses and released the brooding and powerful track a few days ago. We’re so grateful that she did – because we’ve been a little obsessed with it ever since!

I’m not going to lie…It’s been a while since I’ve connected so deeply with a dark, electro-pop piece. I find it a tough genre for one to find one’s own voice and style. Athena Joy, however, is definitely not lost in the shadows. Her sound is pure, sincere, and most importantly, her own.

Working alongside award-winning producers Jared Adlem and Blame Malone, Athena and Co. have constructed a truly mesmerizing song. I have no doubt that it’ll reach the same heights as her previous releases, and my gut tells me that it could even take her career to the next level!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Blame it on the Brain.’ on Spotify now:


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