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Palm Trees In Moscow Announces Upcoming EP ‘Heights’

Introduced by the fuzziest guitar riff, ‘Heights’ moves with confidence between its veiled dualism. Jumping from grunge-flavoured walls of sounds to mellower sections, the track provides an electrifying listening journey for any keen rock lover. Penned by Palm Trees In Moscow, the record provides an insight into the project’s upcoming EP, expected later this year. ‘Heights’ – while being the name of that very same EP – It’s also a fitting lead single, giving us a taste of what’s to come. 

Powered by the expert songwriting hand of Chris Frantz, the human behind Palm Trees In Moscow, ‘Heights’ will resonate with listeners especially on its nuanced lyricism, perfectly fitting such nostalgic and emotional musical settings. Frantz’s vocals feel gritty yet evocative, controlled yet capable of conveying melancholia and human fragility. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Palm Trees In Moscow explains: “Fear of commitment but wanting a meaningful relationship at the same time. Getting in your own way of happiness”. It’s an idea many will relate to, especially seeing the contemporary apathy for serious relationships. 

Recommended! ‘Heights’ EP releases September first. Make sure to pre-save it at the link below: 



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