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Ozzient Shares Latest Effort ‘NLTS’

Hailing from Chicago, Ozzient continues his creative streak by releasing a charming and hard-hitting collaboration with fellow hip-hop personalities A.T.O. (AllenTheOfficial) & Pronto Valid. Titled ‘NLTS’, the track focuses on the complexity of life, empowering the listeners to push through towards their goals, something we are confident they’ll resonate with. 

Debuting earlier this year, Ozzient reiterates his talent, building material that feels anthemic while being lyrically fragile and deep, rather complex. The production is always on point, blending tradition with more contemporary stylings, eventually maintaining an irresistible fresh edge. A multi-instrumentalist and a beatboxer, Ozzient seems to be proudly in charge of his artistic destiny: we are looking forward to seeing where he can get to! 

Delving into the meaning behind the song, he explains: “This song is about hardships and struggles of an everyday person trying to achieve their goals, dreams & aspirations. Something that pretty much every person goes through on a daily basis. This song is about pushing through the hard times and seeing it through and through to get to the end goal.”

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