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Alan Dreezer Continues Smooth and Soulful Adventure with ‘Take Me Back’

Hailing from East Sussex, Alan Dreezer is an award-winning singer/songwriter who caught our attention with his soulful electro-pop single ‘99 Percent‘ earlier this year. He now makes a triumphant return in the form of ‘Take Me Back’, a brand new tune that he released just a few hours ago! Continuing on his smooth and funky electro-pop journey, the track serves as the perfect example of Dreezer’s exceptional songwriting and storytelling ability. His vocal performance is seriously on-point and the rich, lush soundscape that accompanies it is deeply infectious and compelling.

Alan’s musical career began as part of the pop duo Tara 2, which would eventually see him touring alongside the well-known British pop band Brother Beyond. Further collaborations would follow but, in 2017, the artist decided it was time to get to work as a solo musician. His acclaimed debut album ‘London E12’ was unveiled the following year, and the rest as they say is history.

‘Take Me Back’ is the third single to be released from Dreezer’s upcoming full-length record ‘NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES’. It’s an instant hit as far as I’m concerned, and now we wait with bated breath for the whole album!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Take Me Back’ on Spotify now:


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