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ORA BLU Returns With Gloomy, Intimate Jewel ‘What’s Right’

The keen reader will remember ORA BLU from a feature we did earlier this year, on their single ‘The Kiss’. Writing about the German group, we declared: “ORA BLU draws inspiration from the leftfield and folktronica scenes of the 2010s while infusing a newly found groovy quality to them, directly linked to R’n’B elements and Soulful sensibilities”. Since then, the Berlin risers have been productive, with single ‘Sunshine’ following up. Exploring more classic RnB bays, that record now takes a step back for the band’s latest effort, the more introspective number ‘What’s Right’. 

In it, the Berlin trio explores a more gloomy brand of electronica, championing ethereal beats and intimate vocals. Introduced by a big bass, the verse carries a certain haunting quality, before stepping up for the soulful, mesmerising chorus. Dark-sounding guitars help the track move forward, jumping into solo shenanigans towards the end. Kai takes lead vocal duties, with Marlene contributing to harmonies. We appreciate the alchemy between their vocals. The two talents are certainly able to leave space for each other. 

Lyrically, the track seeks to delve deep into the human psyche, creating a fictional world to which listeners can relate, in their own, picturesque ways. 

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