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Alessia Selini Comes Full Circle with Debut EP ‘Looking At The Moon’

If you have been following for a while, you’ll be somewhat familiar with Italian songstress Alessia Selini. Starting her artistic journey in May, she was able to grow her audience consistently, thanks to her effort in the Twitch streaming universe. After three beautiful singles, which we covered on the blog, it is really satisfying to observe Selini making her journey a reality, with debut EP ‘Looking At The Moon’. The record contains everything that’s already out plus one brand new track, ‘Worth The Risk’.

In our previous feature, we proudly described her style as “Boasting enchanting and charismatic vocals, her melodies paint a soulful, heartfelt sonic horizon, often over friendly arrangements featuring wide pianos, acoustic guitars and tame drum”. We stand behind our words: newcomer ‘Worth The Risk’ delivers a slice of heavenly goodness, championing Alessia’s signature acoustic piano and a heartfelt cinematic ending. 

It’s been an absolute pleasure to follow every release throughout the year. For sure, a chapter is closing for Selini, a chapter where she was able to affirm her strong identity and artistic authenticity. But a brighter, shinier one is opening soon, and it’s called her future. We’ll be here waiting, as we are confident her many fans around the world will be. 

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