Night Far Gone Release Synthwave Masterpiece ‘Runaways’

If you are a fan of synthwave, this record is for you. ‘Runaways’ evokes the enthralling sense of freedom one might feel when driving in the night on a Pontiac Trans Am or a Delorean. Part anthemic and part nostalgic, the album delves into modulating synthesisers and iconic drum machines, keeping a truly authentic eye when it comes to sound design. It’s not exactly 1984, you can hear the modern touch, but it’s quite compelling and evocative. 

The work of talented creatives Caled Stuffle and Carlos Herrera (AKA Night Far Gone), the pair seems to have found a working formula, with Stuffle lending his luscious and dynamic vocals and relatable lyricism, and Herrera taking care of production duties. Together, the American pair craft a record that feels sensational and mesmerising, especially when the sax makes a visit on ‘Lightning’ – just glorious. 

There’s also quite a strong pop potential here, the melodies and the songwriting are certainly fitting for a wider audience. Hence, we hope that Night Far Gone manage to blur the boundaries between genres further, allowing them to get a strong foothold on the contemporary music landscape. 

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