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Genevieve Miles Returns with ‘Tough Love’

It’s highly refreshing to delve into Genevieve Miles’s latest effort, ‘Tough Love’. A highly evocative and cinematic anthem, the record builds its stunning identity on a sea of luscious strings and vocal harmonies, resulting in a blissful wall of sound that encircles the listeners and gifts them three minutes of heavenly energy. Returning from her debut UK tour, Miles is constantly carving a space for herself in the contemporary pop scene, boasting fragile and emotional songwriting, the perfect recipe for helping listeners relate to her songs.

Speaking about ‘Tough Love’, Miles explains: “It’s a song about letting go, accepting your broken heart, accepting that pain might be sticking around a while longer but also seeing that it was probably time for you to be given some tough love anyway. The brutal honesty when someone tells you they don’t love you anymore, when you’re fresh out of your teens, that’s gonna mess you up for a while.”

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