Marlene Larsen Unveils Fierce EP ‘Galore’

‘Galore’ is not just a record. Much more: a time machine, a vehicle for nostalgia, and the evidence that drawing from the past often pays off. The latest EP by French rebellious songstress Marlene Larsen, ‘Galore’ jumps with two feet in 90s rock-pop territories, delivering a collection of stunning songs that feel timeless, yet planted in modernity. Guitar tones are eclectic and vary greatly through the records. 

If opener ‘Birthday’ resembles a clean mid-tempo ballad, ‘I Said I’m Fine’ ends with rather gritty and distorted riffing work, something that suits Larsen’s vocals quite a lot. ‘Careful’ chooses a reflective path, only to explode into punchy fierceness in its outro. Title track ‘Galore’ represents one of the darkest and most rebellious episodes in the EP, both in sonic and lyrical terms. 

‘Public Apology’ takes the record to an end in true shoegaze fashion, showcasing a level of eclecticism that frankly we weren’t expecting from Marlene Larsen. Here, she proves she’s serious about her musical choices, and that she’s able to go deeper than a simple melody over a distorted guitar. A worthy EP from a talented peep: don’t sleep on it! 

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