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NeverUnder Unveil Fierce Record ‘Broken String’

Describing themselves as ‘heavy grunge’, NeverUnder do exactly what it says on the tin: hard, gritty grunge with alt-rock flavourings, delivered with honesty and authenticity. Leaving behind modern productions and electronic textures, the group champions pure, organic rock material, a breath of fresh air these days. Over fuzzy guitars and punchy drums, NeverUnder creates a euphoric yet emotional tapestry of conflicting feelings, reminding us of the likes of Nirvana and Alice in Chains, among others. 

‘Broken String’ is the group’s latest effort, an eleven-track album that goes a long way in showcasing the fierceness and power NeverUnder has to offer. From loud and sleazy offerings (‘Bipolar’) to more nuanced pieces (‘After I Was Born’), passing through acoustic gems (‘Roisin’), the record offers a wide look over the group’s artistry. 

All talented musicians, NeverUnder is formed by Noah Roovers, Ky Underhill, Jools, and Matt Hocine. Roovers’ vocals are particularly malleable, able to jump from all-out screams to intimate melodies. Reiterating the ethos behind the project, they explain: “Bringing oversensitive anger in the streets of London”. 

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