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Kat Knix Shares Empowering Anthem ‘Tough’

An incredibly charming and eclectic record, ‘Tough’ is a slice of irresistible euphoria and fierce empowerment. Built over dancy grooves and spoken words, the track balances over intricate percussions and vintage house flavourings, slowly developing into a more comprehensive offering. It’s the breakdown that really conquers our hearts, somehow mirroring early ‘2000 Eurodance and playful electronica. Eventually, ‘Tough’ gets familiar with modulating synthetisers and long notes, helping the record come to a close rather organically.

Penned by Kat Knix, talented producer, performer and fictional alter-ego, ‘Tough’ seeks to inspire resilience and confidence, with the song built over the strong mantra “Life is tough but so are you”. Catchy and relatable, the track is bound to connect with a wide audience globally, especially during such dire and challenging times. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Tough’, Knix explains: “The single is about how we all tend to hide behind our ‘beat faces’, finding our way towards shamelessness, and leaving our control freak behind.”

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