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Mums Favourite Shares Eclectic Single ‘Loveboat’

An exquisitely elegant and poised offering, ‘Loveboat’ is the perfect introduction to Mums Favourite, Aussie eclectic outfit with a knack for psychedelic and indie-flavoured material, even soulful at times. Slowly gaining the attention of the Australian music industry, the group seems determined to showcase their authentic and cathartic character, and ‘Loveboat’ goes in that very same direction, opening up new sonic avenues. 

Drenched in Bossanova grooves and light distortions, ‘Loveboat’ is a worthy record, one that highly pays attention to lead singer Sash’s evocative vocals, now able to shine and crown the piece with unmatched fierceness. Citing drummer Jordy as the big driving force behind such change, the band seems committed to exploring wider musical references, and judging by what we have heard so far, it’s clearly working. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the lyricism, the group explains: “It evokes a sense of mild panic as we collectively ponder the elusive nature of love, and yearn for the arrival of that special vessel meant for each of us.”

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