Nelleke Unveils Catarthic and Emotional Jewel ‘send the rain’

Upon approaching ‘send the rain’, we couldn’t believe our ears: how can a single human being create such powerful magic with a single song? Nelleke manages to wrap the listeners with solemn, authentic and nostalgic sonic matter, showcasing her refined and nuanced artistic universe. A place where emotions seem to take a different shape – finally floating to the surface as if the record was acting as a catalyst toward our deepest consciousness. In that sense, the listening experience is rather transformative, and it can evoke a thousand emotions. 

Nelleke does so with a rather simple, yet deeply complex formula. While the folk and acoustic nature of the track might make you think this is a simple singer/songwriter effort, you’d also be overlooking the complex maze of textures and noises that seem to accompany what’s an already compelling arrangement. Echoing the likes of Thom Yorke and Phil Selway, ‘send the rain’ explodes towards the very end into full-band shenanigans, showcasing the depth the project has to offer. Not to mention Nelleke’s wonderful, stunning vocals. Such an evocative tone, perfectly fitting its sonic framework. 

Lyrically, the song explores feelings of confrontation. As the Rotterdam creative explains: “What would I say to someone who has hurt me? The song expresses a cry for clarity and starting over.”

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