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Nathasha Rumbos Shares Latin Banger ‘Janguiar’

We have been following Nathasha Rumbos for a while, and we got used to expecting some real earworms from the Miami-based creative. Championing a fierce and loud Latin aesthetic, she primarily sings in Spanish and releases urban bangers, international anthems balanced at the intersection of reggaeton, pop and RnB. We proudly featured ‘Dime Una Cosa’ only last year, a single that celebrated a drastic change of direction for Rumbos’ artistry – her background is, in fact, more kaleidoscopic, dipping in singer-songwriter roots. 

Now, Nathasha returns with what’s bound to be a potential hit: ‘Janguiar’. There are no complex levels to it, or nuanced lyricism to analyse. Rather, the track is made to completely electrify your body, offering escapism and an outlet for everyday stress. It’s a party song, and that’s all right with us – there’s a need for those. Channelling a mangled sax sample, ‘Janguiar’ builds on a dry yet hard-hitting reggaeton beat, leaving ample space for Rumbos’ vocals to really flourish and take the listener into unexpected territories. 

Performed for the first time in Las Vegas for Latin Grammy Music Week at the Hard Rock, the response was so astounding that a music video had to start filming right away. 

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