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Nekter Gun and Pat Ross Team Up on EDM Anthem ‘Don’t Wanna See You Leave’

If discovering the latest EDM talent is crucial to you, you might benefit from knowing about Nekter Gun. Emerging from the US, the talented upcomer has showcased a knack for commercial electronic production, blending big-room EDM with mellow pop vocals. The results are often quite special, showcasing radio-ready hits with a high degree of poignancy and relatability. Now, Gun returns with his latest effort, ‘Don’t Wanna See You Leave’ a wonderful and dynamic banger with sentimental lyricism provided by talented singer and songwriter Pat Ross.

In it, the listener will find an uplifting, energetic, anthemic number with incredible vocals and a strong cinematic flair. Recorded at Nekter Gun’s 511 Hit Factory studio, the song went through many iterations before the final version was released, channelling a plethora of influences including future house and 90’s synthwave. Eventually, Gun found the perfect recipe, perhaps helped by Ross’ near-perfect melodies. Of course, one should also explore Nekter’s back catalogue, telling the tale of an artist close to global recognition. 

Having been trained by some of the best producers and engineers in the world at Berklee College of Music Online, the Asbury Park resident also boasts considerable industry experience, with his former band, Vestibule, achieving national and international press and radio play. 

If epic bangers are your thing, make sure to dive into Nekter Gun’s musical offerings. 

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