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Georgie O’Brien Returns with Seriously Good Jewel ‘High’

If you were asked to name a rising star in the British and global pop scene, Georgie O’Brien would be a fitting candidate. The Oxford native has been sparsely releasing music for the past couple of years, hitting jackpot on ‘Jaded’, a wonderful collaboration with Indigo Eyes. To date, the track boasts more than two million streams on Spotify alone. Eager to build on the momentum, the English talent is now proudly sharing her first single of the year, the enigmatic, luscious and airy gem ‘High’. 

Another collaborative effort with Indigo Eyes, ‘High’ feels incredibly modern, exploring electronic minimalism while channelling trap and hip-hop influences. O’Brien’s introspective vocals crown the instrumental perfectly, treated in ethereal reverbs and haunting tones. Lyrically, the track celebrates the idea of being ‘high off of love’, an idea stimulated by the record’s overall ‘smokey’ and liquid character.

Describing the inspiration behind the song, Georgie explains: The track touches on realising the depth of a connection, and the importance of letting go and enjoying the moment. Life offers dark and light so when you get lost and ‘high’ in someone’s energy, just enjoyyyyy it.”

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