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Discover Tehillah’s Latest EP ‘Be Confident’

Perhaps one of the future British R&B stars, Tehillah shares her latest EP, ‘Be Confident’. A 4-track charming journey into modern electronica and soul tones, the record is highly propped up by the artist’s luscious and evocative vocals, equally at home on a ballad or on a groovy banger. Taking inspiration from iconic female black musicians such as Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child and Mary Mary, Tehillah creates music that is both danceable and thought-provoking, in an effort to push the boundaries of the genre. 

‘Be Confident’ is the opener track to the self-titled EP, diving into EDM tropes and anthemic drive. The result is quite surprising, a punchy gem for late-night drives. ‘Lost In This Ocean’ continues in the same direction, while ‘All Up in Smoke’ and ‘Right Track’ feature slightly darker material, delving more into hip-hop and classic R&B, while taking the pace down. 

Winning Future Youth Records’ 2021 “Think Women” songwriting contest with her previous record ‘We’re Beautiful’, Tehillah seems to be projected towards an iconic career, something that’s also obvious from the much international press attention she’s received. The award also gave her the opportunity to work and learn from music industry professionals in the United States, being selected for a 5-month development program with Future Youth Records.

Recommended! Discover ‘Be Confident’ EP on Spotify and look out for the music video dropping soon on Youtube: 


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