Day Nah Looks for Danger in Charismatic Gem ‘Wild and Free’

Do you know what we love about Day Nah? Her ability to build a compelling and entertaining song with just a few elements, keeping the arrangements light and airy and finding space for her luscious vocals to really draw the listener in. It is all quite refreshing: at a time when music seems to be running towards massive walls of sounds, complex electronica and fast-paced rhythms, the Copenhagen-based creative slows it all down, taking us back to an era where life was flowing at a much more comfortable rate. Eventually, you’ll become addicted to Day Nah’s intriguing and authentic style – don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

Championing a fiercely retro aesthetic, the talented artist borrows from soul, blues and rock influences to build a personal style that feels refreshing, yet drenched in tradition. ‘Wild and Free’ is the latest evidence of that: built on a bouncy yet simple drum beat, the track channels that idea of rawness, unfiltered sonic expression that Day Nah so proudly embodies. Distorted guitars join the party too, really pushing the envelope further in terms of originality. 

Lyrically, ‘Wild and Free’ represents the primal need for danger, excitement, and personal glory. Stemming from a painful period Day Nah had to endure, especially following a breakup, the song is set to become an anthem for self-confidence and growth. Give it a chance. 

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