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Nadia Vaeh Unveils Stunning Single ‘Friends U Couldn’t Keep’

Nadia Vaeh won’t likely need an introduction, being the rising popstar she is. Hailing from Los Angeles, the talented songstress has been turning heads and ears all over the world, thanks to a series of relatable and evocative pop numbers, showcasing both her nuanced songwriting and powerful vocal tone. The recipient of an IMA ‘Vox Pop’ Award, Vaeh now returns to the global music scene with a stunning new single, ‘Friends U Couldn’t Keep’, an emotional and poignant gem built on mellow tones and enchanting harmonies. 

Sonically, acoustic elements characterise the track beautifully, blending well with wide electronic textures and noisy, cinematic beats. The result is a piece that feels anthemic and intense, even entering the soundtrack world. Nadia’s vocals are as fragile and introspective as they could be, only to explode into fierceness and pride in the chorus. 

Speaking about the song’s lyricism, Vaeh explains: “This song has been in the making for over two years, from idea to writing, to completion. I was inspired to write a song that expressed my frustration with fake friends and to make peace with closing the door on some long-standing friendships that were just out of bounds and out of balance.”

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