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Cristina Movileanu Releases Eclectic Folk Gem ‘All About You’

Coming across Cristina Movileanu was an unexpected surprise. Championing a quirky and unique folk outlook, the Ireland-based songstress champions her acoustic-powered artistry through charming and relatable song nuggets, often drenched in meaningful lyricism and emotional arrangements. After having debuted earlier this year, Movileanu now shares her latest effort, ‘All About You’, a track that’s as playful as it is enlightening. 

Shuffling the project’s cards, the record lays into flamenco-flavoured percussions and wholesome acoustic guitars, creating a piece that feels universal and kaleidoscopic, while still planted firmly in intimate and fragile folk vibes. Crowning it all, we find Cristina’s evocative and dynamic vocals, perfectly at home in such enthralling settings. The way she delivers her melodies fully captures our attention, charging every note with lots of nuances and vibrato. 

Described as “a gateway to a world of positive energy and joyful moments”, ‘All About You’ will inspire and empower listeners worldwide to experience their best selves and live life to the fullest. 

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