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Rees Hagedorn Shares Experimental Piece ‘Izenell’

There’s something unique in letting yourself go to a stream of abstract sounds. You see, at a basic level, the human brain responds to sound frequencies and interprets them as emotions. Then, it’s obvious that any form of sonic organization can evoke a certain sensation in the listeners. In the case of ‘Izenell’, the sensory overwhelm provided by the piece is rather bittersweet, helping the recipients dive deeper into their consciousness. Effectively, it’s a tool allowing us to connect the physical world with our imagination. 

A slice of fuzzy ambient electronica, the track flourishes over long drones and light distortion, modulating between bright, detuned notes and deep textures. The result is a concoction of sound that’s ever-relevant and incredibly contemporary. ‘Izenell’ is the result of Rees Hagedorn’s artistic work, American producer and sonic wizard with a long history of musical research into the avant-garde and ambient fields. 

Samples of violins are particularly obvious in the composition, often mangled beyond comprehension. A worthy listening experience, one that we urge you to try at least once. 

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