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Jessica Woodlee Opens Herself Up in Poignant Jewel ‘By Now’

While her musical references might shift from release to release, Jessica Woodlee has her priorities straight: pursuing honest and authentic storytelling, looking for a sense of connection with the listeners which is ever more crucial in this day and age. The young American talent reminds us of that in her latest release, a stripped-back, acoustic masterpiece, ‘By Now’. Leaving electronica and distorted guitars behind, Woodlee focuses on her own vocals and her storytelling abilities, aided by a poignant acoustic guitar. 

The results are inspirational, echoing the likes of Lizzie MacAlpine and Taylor Swift. Channelling all the existential angst that plagues the young generations, ‘By Now’ explores the pressures of success in a world of constant comparisons, being a poignant reminder that it’s okay to take your time in figuring things out. 

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