Mitchell Manburg Shares Spooky Surf Record ‘Turquoise’

We must admit, we weren’t ready yet for Mitchell Manburg. Emerging from the Californian Bay Area, the young creative champions a unique aesthetic, making music that feels innovative while drenched in tradition. Used to a rather wide pool of references, from ambient-like soundscapes to more acoustic endeavours, Manburg this time lands on what he calls ‘spooky-surf’, an intriguing formula providing jangling guitars over a seemingly haunting, repetitive, and mysterious pattern. 

Mitchell’s latest singles fit exactly that idea: starting with ‘Turquoise’, the main dish. Not for everyone, and very leftfield, in a broader sense: a slow-paced drum and bass riff gets repeated over a strong surf pop guitar, packed with spring reverb and spacious delay. The result is a slice of music that hypnotises the listeners, holding them into a parallel universe where the sun shines and life moves at a much slower rhythm. 

‘el banshee del mar’, on the other hand, features more grit and energy, building a more conventional sonic panorama, even echoing some spaghetti western influences. Explaining what motivates him to pursue the spooky-surf genre, Manburg states: “much like surfing (a new hobby of mine), the music is an immersive experience. Surfers are subject to the ocean just as musicians are subject to a greater creative power – all humbled, all trying to find their balance. It’s frightening. It’s fun. And ultimately, it’s peaceful.”

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