Sleepy Loco Returns with Fierce Gem ‘On My Mind’

Having featured previously on our blog, we are happy to welcome Sleepy Loco back. This time around, the Memphis-based creative shares a fierce, meaningful single, ‘On My Mind’.  Recorded at Track Nation and engineered by the talented Goliath Beats, the record showcases Sleepy Loco’s ability to blend old-school music influences with real-life experiences, resulting in a truly remarkable piece of cutting-edge rap material.

‘On My Mind’ tells the story of Sleepy Loco’s encounter with a woman whom he recently stole from her previous partner. Motivated by a desire for revenge against the man who wronged him in the past, Sleepy Loco takes the woman on a journey to a better life. As the track unfolds, listeners are drawn into the narrative, exploring the complexities of love, loyalty, and the consequences of our actions.

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