DEAD HENDRIX and Yungcudii Team Up on Fierce Single ‘MUSTANG’

The union of two talented creatives, ‘MUSTANG’ channels all the fierceness, rap prowess and musical exuberance of its two authors, DEAD HENDRIX and Yungcudii. Hailing from Canada, the pair represents two of the most exciting acts from the country’s rap scene. You don’t believe us? Just focus on ‘MUSTANG’ for a second. 

With a rather exciting instrumental, featuring vocals chops and fuzzy soundscapes, this bouncy and uplifting track provides the perfect setting for DEAD HENDRIX and Yungcudii’s hard-hitting vocal tones, so intense yet always elegant. The former also boasts strong pop-punk energy, elevating the song to an extremely modern record. 

Explaining the circumstances around his collaboration with Yungcudii, HENDRIX explains: “I’ve been working on this song for a year now, and having Yungcudii collab with me on it just makes me even more excited to get it out to our fans.” An artistic partnership that’s clearly working out. More of that, please! 

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