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Jeremy Aaron Shares Witty Gem ‘The Day the Internet Died’

There’s a strong playful overtone in Jeremy Aaron’s latest effort. ‘The Day the Internet Died’ channels late 70s/early 80s alt-pop stylings, making good use of spoken words, here used as a relatable stream of consciousness. Interlaced with a sung chorus, the record can be considered unique and quirky, certainly different from what’s running on the charts nowadays. 

That’s a great quality in our eyes; refraining from stepping into trends and proven formulas, Aaron follows his own artistic ethos, inspired by the likes of Talking Heads and Brian Eno, among others. A selection of dry and rounded synthesizers helps the track reach its zenith, empowering a listening experience that’s light and hypnotising, yet familiar and recognisable. 

Lyrically, ‘The Day the Internet Died’ focuses on the modern obsession with living online, a theme Aaron approaches with intelligent irony and wittiness. As he explains: “On the surface, it’s about a world without the internet, but it’s also about humanity and how people would respond to that reality. The chorus is about where we’re going.”

Discover ‘The Day the Internet Died’ on Spotify: 


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