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Saves the Witch Shares Post-Rock Sonic Journey ‘Abeam the Intrepid’

If post-rock sonic explorations are your thing, you’ll be glad to have discovered Saves the Witch, fierce musical wizard based in North Carolina. Building his styling around a plethora of guitar tones, the project seems to jump from mellower, clean ones to more fuzzy and saturated territories, making for an eclectic and at times shoegaze-y material. The brainchild of musician Eric Nikita Maynes, the project was formed as a coping response to the Covid pandemic, allowing him to channel unused creative energy into his artistry. 

‘Abeam the Intrepid’ is Saves the Witch’s latest effort, an instrumental gem taking listeners on an emotive and captivating journey, inspired by the true events of the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’. The talented solo outfit pays homage to the heroic crew of Cactus 1549, led by the admirable Captain Sullenberger.

Introduced by recordings of radio communications, ‘Abeam the Intrepid’ slowly gain our attention with mellow guitar tones and bright soundscapes, raining the intensity until all hell break loose, and a full band, very distorted section takes the track in a more convincing direction.

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