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Michael Lyon Releases Timeless Album ‘What Could Be’

Songwriters like Michael Lyon need to be protected at all costs. In an industry that mainly looks for profits and trends, he’s part of a not-so-small group of enlightened creatives, pursuing lyrical honesty and fragility, no matter what. A breath of fresh air for us listeners, who are able to experience pure, selfless storytelling, the simple act of pairing introspection and music. ‘What Could Be’ is Lyon’s latest album, his fourth to date. 

In it, the American troubadour packs as many life experiences as possible, delivering a slice of ordinary life – although we should say ordinary pandemic life, in this case. Penned through various lockdowns, ‘What Could Be’ features fourteen acoustic gems, all built on soothing guitar tones and evocative vocal harmonies, showcasing all the artistic prowess enjoyed by the Torrance resident. 

Crowning a musical journey that started many years ago, Lyon now collects life-long emotions into a record that feels timeless, and magical. Speaking about it, Michael explains: “Of all the things that inspired the songs and the album as a whole, to name but two: first, the songwriters from singer-songwriter’s golden age that blazed the trail: Lennon & McCartney, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, et al. … and second, the love and support from my mother and father who constantly reminded me I could do anything I put my mind to.”

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