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Discover Bartosz Lasecki’s Elegant and Eclectic Sonic Art

Truthfully, we don’t come across such a musical talent that often. Bartosz Lasecki embodies a musical knowledge that might be considered old-school by some: at a time when bedroom musicians and producers have the monopoly of popular music, the Polish-American composer looks further, delving into orchestral pieces and long, complex arrangements. Honestly, it’s refreshing and immensely elegant. 

Lasecki shares his latest effort, ‘II. Nimbostratus’, part of a larger upcoming album, ‘<an›android/among.the<clouds>’. What we are faced with is highly personal and unique work, drenched in the great classical tradition while maintaining a strong cinematic quality. Sonically, it’s quite eclectic, with veiled electric textures mixed into a plethora of strings arpeggios and recurring melodies. The sound design is incredibly detailed, with Lasecki taking care of every nuance, the smallest detail. 

Delving into the reasoning behind his work, Lasecki explains: “This album isn’t just a compilation of tracks, but a journey. It delves into the intricate dance between humanity and technology, spotlighting our innate drive to create, bind together, and kindle inspiration in others.”

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