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Hari Nandu Shares Nuanced Bass Solo ‘Sedona’

There’s a lot to unpack in ‘Sedona’. First, there’s the musical side: a bass solo performed with a 5-string instrument, showcasing the nuanced technical skills of its author. The composition is solemn, nostalgic and built over moody chords and melancholic melodies. It works well, immersing the listener in a challenging yet comforting sonic texture. 

Then, one must explore the reasoning that brought ‘Sedona’ out in the open: penned by New York-based bass wizard Hari Nandu, the track is dedicated to a friend’s child who passed away this year. He aims to collect funds for a nonprofit organization, ‘Sedona Butterfly Effect’ founded by the child’s parents, raising awareness for cerebral palsy. 

Truthfully, the record won’t be for everyone. The most enlightened listeners out there will appreciate it nevertheless, especially if they carry past dealings in the jazz world. For us, it’s always magical to hear a 5-string played so well, reminding us of the myriad of details and textures the instrument can add to a performance. Hari Nandu knows how to handle it, showcasing his mastery. 

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