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Melissa Grey & David Morneau Unveils Experimental Album ‘Always Becoming’

In an era where the music industry is brimming with one-hit wonders and formulaic tracks designed for immediate consumption, it’s refreshing to come across an audio masterpiece that is more than just a collection of songs. ‘Always Becoming’, the latest offering from composers and producers Melissa Grey and David Morneau and guitarist Robert Kirkbride, is a sonic journey that’s both a source of escapism and a learning experience.

At the heart of the album, the listener will encounter bright and uplifting guitar melodies, often contrasted with more introspective abstract electronica. Ethereal, long soundscapes, striving for resolution, haunting tones and dazzling arpeggios. Grey and Morneau create the perfect accompaniment to Kirkbride’s enchanting guitar work, echoing dreampop tropes while preserving its unique flavourings. 

‘Always Becoming’ is not just about the music. Complementing the tracks are nine hand drawings and an essay on humanity’s tilted view of seasonal cycles by Kirkbride. His work explores the interplay of memory, ornament, and placemaking, providing a visual component to the album that enhances its thematic depth. 

Moreover, the record is designed to play in an endless loop, creating a continuous, immersive experience that invites the listener to lose themselves in the sonic landscape. It’s a bold move that pays off, adding to the album’s hypnotic allure – a true masterpiece. 

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