Alex Kate Shares Latest Gem ‘Sober’

Sharing her first release of the year, evocative songstress Alex Kate is back with ‘Sober’, a testament to her undeniable talent and creative genius. Pairing with frequent collaborator Daniel Newcombe, the British talent explores the complexities of human relationships, longing for intimacy and connection while simultaneously seeking authenticity and honesty. 

Sonically, the record is a refreshing take on electronic pop, incorporating cinematic tones and epic tropes. Thanks to that, ‘Sober’ manages to create a wonderful listening experience, meaningful, evocative and potentially inspiring. Describing the meaning behind the track, Kate explains how it stems from a romantic kiss that was postponed to a sober moment. 

A stunning masterpiece, the track showcases Alex’s undeniable talent and creative vision. It is a song that speaks to the nuances of human nature, and the obstacles that can stand in the way of true intimacy. 

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