Fifth Lucky Dragon Returns with Pop Banger ‘White Lies & Purple Elephants’

The keen reader might remember Fifth Lucky Dragon, young creative with a knack for relatable electronic pop and vivid imagery. Writing about his previous effort ‘Don’t Look Too Far Ahead’, we proudly declared: “a dreamy, poppy, and nostalgia-laced tune […] It’s definitely one of the catchiest tracks we’ve heard this year”. Now, the Indianapolis native renews our expectations with his latest record, the minimalistic ‘White Lies & Purple Elephants’. In it, the listener will be confronted by more intimate and fierce songwriting, leaving big instrumental riffs behind in favour of a vocal-heavy arrangement. 

Lyrically, the track draws on the metaphor of the “elephant in the room”, to explore the idea that a small white lie can quickly spiral out of control, becoming a chaotic and unwieldy purple elephant. The song’s lyrics are reminiscent of Glass Animals, one of the primary sources of inspiration for Fifth Lucky Dragon. 

The results are staggering, with the American talent birthing a track capable to draw the listener in from their first listen. The chorus is absolutely glorious, showcasing Fifth Lucky Dragon’s songwriting prowess. It is no surprise to learn about the success the song had on TikTok, which quickly reflected in its Spotify streams. 

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