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Meghan Pulles’ ‘Coming Home’ is Inspiring and Beautiful

Meghan Pulles is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter who has just released her first single of 2023 in the form of ‘Coming Home’. Collaborating with Roy Benson (editor of the Magical Mystery Tour film) and British musician Eric Bay, ‘Coming Home’ is a poem written by Benson in support of the Babusya Galyna Charity which delivers humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Bay composed the unbelievably beautiful melody and, having worked with Meghan before, knew that she was the voice he wanted on the tune. 

The piano-driven track is a hauntingly emotional and stirring piece of music. Gripping and inspiring strings meet the vocals of Pulles as well as Bay, and the three artists go on to create one of the most heartwrenching and touching songs I’ve heard in a while. “Music transcends politics and reaches people in amazing ways,” they all say. I could not agree more!

All proceeds from ‘Coming Home’ will go straight to the Babusya Galyna Charity, and it’s a testament to the musician’s commitment to making use of their talents for the greater good! It truly is an incredible track that inspires hope and belief, something the world could use a bit more of these days!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Coming Home’ on Spotify now:


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