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Matt Deangelis Returns with Empowering Effort ‘Speak For A Moment’

A familiar face on our blog, Matt Deangelis is not your typical singer-songwriter: both from a lyrical and sonic standpoint, he follows the great American tradition, delivering eclectic vintage vibes with a modern outlook, and introspective, meaningful themes. Writing about ‘Can’t Write About Today’ a while ago, we proudly declared: “a sensible and polite anthem of acceptance and inner doubts, the song aims to offer listeners a slice of solace and comfort, rejoicing in Deangelis’ majestic and evocative vocals.”

We stand by our words: in fact, Deangelis’ latest effort seems to empower listeners in the same charming way. ‘Speak For A Moment’ configures itself as an anthem to hope and dedication, pushing us all to fight for what we believe in. Musically, the track builds its strong foundation on retro pop-rock, echoing the golden era of songwriters, namely during the 70s. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, Matt explains: “This song was written to exemplify my determination of living in the present and fulfilling desires to make a difference in the world. There is limited time for us to do so, being how abrupt and exponential life truly is. I believe that everyone carries the potential to change the world for the better, but one must speak and break their silence for that potential to be unlocked.”

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