Martina Magionami Shares Poignant Gem ‘The Virgin’s Fountain’

Emerging from Italy, Martina Magionami is a gifted singer and songwriter, with a strong international flair. After having pursued music in her native language for a few years, she now takes on a more global approach, releasing a poignant and ethereal record, ‘The Virgin’s Fountain’. Written together with Norwegian songstress Nanne-Emelie Andersen, the track is a gentle journey into mellow indie-pop, favouring kaleidoscopic electronica and punchy beats. 

The result is a charming contemporary gem, greatly enriched by Magionami’s evocative and precise vocals, confidently delivering their relatable lyrical message. If the record is anything to go by, we are expecting a bright future for the Italian talent. Looking forward to hearing more! 

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