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Sofia Lafuente Returns with Empowering Anthem ‘If You Care’

After having followed her artistic journey for the past year, we have developed a strong admiration towards Sofia Lafuente. From her refined, heartwrenching songwriting to her incredible voice, everything point towards pure, unfiltered artistry, a rare sight in an over-standardized and systemically unfair industry. Lafuente’s latest EP, released last spring, revealed a very specific picture, navigating intimate tones and personal storytelling. After a short summer break, she’s now back with what feels like the start of a new chapter: ‘If You Care’ explores a more upbeat route, while retaining the same amount of introspection and social criticism as its predecessors. 

Championing a groovy electro-pop arrangement, the track contrasts an arpeggiated synth-bass with Sofia’s shimmering vocals, establishing a sort of musical chiaroscuro: meaningful and critical lyrical matter delivered with charming nonchalance and punchy attitude. The formula works very well, with the listeners being hit by fresh, complex yet relatable goodness. 

Lyrically, Lafuente seeks to highlight some of the intrinsic issues in the industry today, while staying true to herself and her self-confidence: “I wrote it about being a woman in the industry but I realised it can also relate to people that are in a relationship with someone who’s not fully in, and what’s helped me, regardless of whether it’s your job or romantic life, is surrounding yourself with people that empower you”. 

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