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Cody Pepper Explores New Sonic Horizons in Debut ‘Make A Wish’

Emerging from London, Cody Pepper is the latest in a series of young, talented artists aiming to scramble our conception of electronic and popular music. After a few years in the works, the French London resident is now unveiling her first record, ‘Make A Wish’.

Magnetic, hypnotising: ‘Make A Wish’ effectively transports the listener into an alternative sonic universe, a place where rules and references shift towards the unknown, a place one can use to escape reality, even for just a mere three minutes. If Pepper’s intention was to shuffle the cards of our aural experience, she’s entirely successful. We are slightly confused and intrigued by what we hear, which is always a good outcome when approaching a new piece of music. 

Aided by the mystical and innovative production style of longtime friend Basile Lacroix-Boettcher, Pepper builds an absolute banger. Introduced by a gritty and abstract sonic element, ‘Make A Wish’ instantly jumps into trip-hop-derived beats, supported by distorted bass matter, providing the perfect framework for Cody’s unique, refined vocal timbre to flourish. The middle breakdown is absolutely extraordinary: pizzicato strings and trumpets create an unforgettable, mesmerising crescendo. 

If you haven’t understood it yet, the record is a masterpiece. A stunning debut from a clearly talented and inspired artist. Can’t wait to hear more from Cody Pepper! 

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