Renée Ruth Explores Eclectic Territories in Latest EP

If we had to describe Renée Ruth’s latest EP in a few words, we’d say it’s elegant and eclectic. Elegant because of her nuanced and soothing vocals, always exploring the most amazing melodies and poignant hooks. Eclectic because the record is quite fragrant and kaleidoscopic, genre-wise. From the classic, cinematic and emotional pop contained in ‘We Are One’ and ‘Here To Stay’, to the reggaeton-inspired punchy banger ‘Lose my Breath’, pressing through dark electronic anthem ‘Won’t Back Down’. 

There’s something for everyone, basically. Ruth showcases her flexibility and willingness to access different cultural references, making her a rather enlightened artist, truly committed to honouring the global music scene and widening her audience. This also resonates with the American songstress’ long career in the arts. 

Speaking about the EP, Renée explains: “Looking back over the past decade, I’ve had the incredible journey of becoming a well-known and highly sought-after local musician, event performer, and wedding singer, showcasing my unique interpretations of the cover songs audiences have grown to love. As time passed, I began yearning for the artistry I had stepped away from to be a cover artist. That’s when I decided to shift my focus towards exploring and sharing my own original compositions.”

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