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LIBERATI Shares Upbeat Summer Anthem ‘Famous’

Ohio native turned Malibu local LIBERATI has released the follow-up to his hugely successful single ‘Find Out’ in the form of ‘Famous’, a modern synth-pop masterpiece that you won’t soon forget! The cinematic pop artist takes the listener on a summery and shimmering adventure, filled with driving bass lines, upbeat drums, infectious guitar riffs, and a whole lot of synthy goodness. It lends a nod to the musician’s heroes from the 80s but inevitably includes that classicly forward-looking LIBERATI sound that fans and critics alike are all starting to love. A stellar vocal performance just rounds off what is already the perfect summer anthem, and we’re honestly beginning to run out of superlatives to describe the tune. 

LIBERATI wonderfully juxtaposes his optimistic composition with serious and critical commentary on the state of the world. Celebrity culture, social media, vanity, narcissism, nothing is off the table with this artist. It’s the way he goes about it, though, that is so intriguing, as he showcases an effortless knack for fashioning music that’s both entertaining and meaningful.

“I wrote this with a little humour and a little truth,” says LIBERATI. “Poking fun at all my friends who seem like they just want to be famous”. His earnest lyricism and upbeat soundscapes are drawing in a legion of dedicated followers, and we are proud to include ourselves in the pack!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Famous’ on Spotify now:


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