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Lyia Meta Shares Sublime New EP ‘Always You’

Lyia Meta is a multi-award-winning singer/songwriter and visual artist hailing from Malacca in Malaysia. About two months ago, she put out an eight-track EP entitled ‘Always You’, and it’s a bluesy, jazzy, poppy, and rich adventure that I promise you is worth the ride. Boasting an incredibly rare contralto vocal range, Lyia’s deep and resonant voice brings to mind blues-pop greats like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse. Smooth, sultry, and full of confidence, each tune has a life and soul of its own, and it’s easy to see why Meta is being praised globally for her signature soundscape.

The EP’s title song is also its opener and serves as the perfect scene-setter for what’s to come. A full-bodied, laidback, and utterly mesmerizing tune, ‘Always You’ transports the listener to a smoky and classy lounge bar in the 50s that’s adorned with velvet drapes and dim lighting. As the gentle clicking of glasses intertwines with the music, couples get up and dance the night away.

Other tracks that stole my heart were ‘Never Enough Time’, ‘For You’, and the record’s closer ‘My Dream Lover’. In truth though, the entire EP is worthy of your time and attention. It’s just beautiful from start to finish! 

Serious EP alert! Enjoy ‘Always You’ on Spotify now:


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