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LokkisKott Unveils Dark and Intense Debut Single ‘Deep Inside’

If there’s one thing I promise, it’s that ‘Deep Inside’ is a tune unlike any you’ve heard before! Courtesy of New South Wales-based singer/songwriter Lachie Scott, better known as LokkisKott, it’s a debut track that I am simply not prepared to stick a label on. Layers of acoustic guitar meet dark, alternative, and gothic influences to create a heart-wrenching and introspective work of art. Scott’s vocal ability and range are nothing short of mind-blowing, as they start out in a melodic and emotive fashion before eventually crescendoing into a belting, dynamic, and potent marvel! It’s intense…and it’s incredible!

“For ‘Deep Inside’ I wanted to create something unique and powerful that would wow the listener, but I also wanted room for growth as well,” says the artist. “I’m driven to keep that fire lit”. To say that I’ve been wowed by Scott’s debut release would be an understatement. It’s one of the best I’ve ever heard. The passion and energy are just remarkable!

Inspired by artists and acts like the late great Chester Bennington, Corey Taylor, Breaking Benjamin, and Three Days Grace, LokkisKott has fashioned a sound that separates him from the masses. I cannot wait to hear what he gets up to next!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Deep Inside’ on Spotify now:


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