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Shaun Reynolds and Black Prez Get Funky on ‘Move To This (The Curley Shuffle)’

‘Move To This (The Curley Shuffle)’ is the latest single from London-based producer Shaun Reynolds and his musical partner in crime, Berlin-based rapper Black Prez. Described by the pair as “our favourite track that we’ve ever created,” this seriously danceable and upbeat tune will have you bobbing and grooving in no time! An electrifying and vibrant display, ‘Move To This’ showcases the duo at their energetic best, as they combine lively instrumentation with a propulsive beat and Prez’s distinctive vocals. It’s just an absolute banger from beginning to end…end of story!

The pair met in 2012 through mutual friends, igniting a friendship and a connection that would evolve into something extraordinary: the birth of ‘Play This at a Party’, their inaugural independent masterpiece. Ever since then, the duo have been crafting bright, optimistic, and radiant music, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Serving as the second single from their highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Move To This’ sets the highest of bars for the pair to live up to. I have complete confidence though that they’re up to the task! The magnetic pull of their sound is irresistible, and I can’t wait to hear the new record! 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Move To This (The Curley Shuffle)’ on Spotify now:


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