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LuxJury Share Glorious Gem ‘Hot Mess’

Recorded at Hermitage Works Studios in London, a hotbed for edgy and cool indie material, ‘Hot Mess’ is LuxJury’s glorious debut single, a trio with a rather eclectic musical outlook. Combining new-wave flavoured guitars with luscious indie vocals and bright electronic soundscapes, the group manages to instantly stand out in an industry landscape that’s known to be overcrowded. 

Guided by lead singer Nicole Fermie, LuxJury possess a certain charisma, an authoritative edge that pushes them into the forefront of the London scene. You see, there’s a strong freshness in ‘Hot Mess’ – the realization to have hit something inherently special, unheard of. That’s how we feel when approaching the project. 

Fermie’s vocals are pretty intense, yet relatable and friendly. Her dark and deep tone perfectly works with its musical counterpoint, creating a sonic recipe that’s frankly irresistible. Delving into the lyricism behind ‘Hot Mess’, she explains: “The track was inspired by a person who I dated that couldn’t make up their mind and kept stringing me along. They’d call me up and coax me to spend all night with them only to ignore me the next day ushering me into an era of sleepless and addictive frenzies.”

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