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Luna Keller Welcomes Spring with Gentle Folk Gem ‘Woman in the Van’

If there’s one thing certain about Luna Keller, is that she’s got a song for every occasion – after all, isn’t songwriting just a way to describe life? An artistic medium through which we can manifest emotions, or deal with a particular state of mind? The German songstress knows it well, so much so that she’s greeting spring – and the sunnier part of the year – with a brand new offering, the gentle and soothing folk gem ‘Woman in the Van’. The record follows up from ‘The Philosopher’ a decisively more introspective effort which we featured here

Channelling the sun-soaked season that’s about to begin, Keller gave ‘Woman in the Van’ an uplifting, and positive character, both in its storytelling and sonic settings. The song seeks to celebrate one of Keller’s friends, travelling Europe in a van and with a cat, drawing the listener into a scenario of dedication, adventure and courage. The joyful nature of the track also emerges from the upbeat folk arrangement, built on hypnotising acoustic tones, later joined by a rather fast-paced brushed drum beat. 

“It celebrates the joy of following your heart and allowing the road to carry you” – Luna explains. Celebrating both a cool friend and a daring but rewarding lifestyle, ‘Woman in the Van’ is set to conquer even the most uptight listener with its colourful and stress-free attitude. After all, isn’t what Spring is about? 

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