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Katanak Returns with Indie Anthem ‘Lights of Tokyo’

We last heard of Katanak almost a year ago, when the Aussie indie rocker was unveiling a punchy and fierce single, ‘Weigh Down’. Everything pointed towards a project growing fast, showcasing tons of character and musicianship. Active since 2020, Katanak has been busy releasing eclectic indie gems, bordering pop and mellow rock in the process. Now, the Brisbane resident shares another goodie, a more introspective and anthemic offering, ‘Lights of Tokyo’. The release also marks a tour of Australia’s east coast in the summer – a chance to experience Katanak first-hand. 

Boasting an electrifying and kaleidoscopic drive, ‘Lights of Tokyo’ gravitates towards a modern brand of indie, mixed with electronic textures and gentle, refined productions. Once the chorus hits, it’s an explosion of legendary and cinematic force, channelling some of the best songwriting we have heard recently. Everything seems to be working perfectly: from Katanak’s dynamic and expressive vocals to the infectious and irresistible sonic palette. 

Lyrically, the record explores that moment of ‘first love’ and infatuation, that magical sensation that instantly draws us towards a person. As the Australian newcomer explains:

Lights of Tokyo’ was written after my friend told me the story of meeting someone out one night in Tokyo. I wanted to convey that ‘wow’ moment when you lock eyes with someone, and you just click.”

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