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Luna Keller Tries Not to Overthink in ‘The Philosopher’

The keen reader will be already familiar with Luna Keller, upcoming singer-songwriter with a knack for poignant storytelling and evocative tones. Navigating the music industry from a young age, Keller grew up to be one of the most exciting newcomers, showcasing a nuanced and raw vocal tone that pairs perfectly with her charming acoustic guitar. Of course, her records are more than just a guitar. Often, Luna engages in cinematic and mellow material, an absolute joy for the listeners. 

‘The Philosopher’ – Keller’s latest effort – follows the same path, delving into the human experience with a comforting attitude. The song explores the process of overthinking, declined through a great metaphor: a philosopher constantly lost in his thoughts, missing out on the actual reality in front of him. The single anticipates a larger release, ‘Ocean Inside of Me’, expected later this year. 

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