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JesseMelancholy Explores Human Consciousness in ‘Narcissist’

We had featured Australian rap talent JesseMelancholy not long ago, proudly supporting his previous single ‘Wake Me Up’. Now, he returns with what feels like a confirmation of a promising career, showcasing he’s able to replicate his best efforts over and over again. ‘Narcissist’ boasts a heavier and punchier sound than its predecessors. The sonic material is saturated, scattered and quite exuberant: the perfect fit for JesseMelancholy’s nostalgic and emotional vocals, really connecting with the listener on a deeper level.

Genre-wise, ‘Narcissist’ stands at the crossroad between hip-hop and hyper-pop, a shining example of the kind of musical innovation that is happening in the industry today. Whether you’re a fan of pop, rap, or anything in between, this is a record that is sure to leave an indelible mark on your listening experience.

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